Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Better late than never...:)

Just wanted to post our wonderful Mother's Day weekend! We had such an awesome time at home in Stigler and learned exciting news from Brooke, Breck and Claire!

We all drove down Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the day with mom, dad, grandma and gramps! The news came when Claire Isabella ran through the door to MiMi & Poppy's house with a BIG SISTER shirt on!! Aaaahhhhh! Yes, I said big sister! We are sooooo excited! Brooke and Breck are expecting precious baby #2!!! They are due sometime the first few weeks into January. She isn't very far along, but please pray her pregnancy goes well and the baby is healthy! Mom had the absolute PERFECT surprise face we have ever seen! We got it all on video! It took mom and dad awhile to get what Claire's shirt said and when they finally did....there came the tears of joy! We loved it!

Mom got new Brighton for Mother's Day....adorable earrings and a beautiful silver and gold necklace from dad! She loved them both! We hope everyone had a blessed and special Mother's Day! We all enjoyed being with mom on "her" day!
The Forrester's

There are a few pictures below we wanted to share!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Last day of radiation!!!!

Aloha everyone!
Friday, May 1st we all left and went to Stigler from Tulsa. Claire rode with Sissy and Ry-Ry because Breck and I had to finish up things here in Tulsa, get packed, etc...SO....then we all finally made it down there. We enjoyed time with mom and dad and then headed to bed pretty early on this rainy start to a weekend.
Saturday, May 2nd we got up, had breakfast and dad had to go in to work for a little while. Since the cable was out we enjoyed a lot of time reading the paper, magazines, books to Claire, watching birds and the rain, playing with the little turtle "tiny Tim" that Poppy caught for Claire and then Breck and Ryan helped dad haul some more rocks for their future outdoor fireplace/sitting area. That evening we all went to GiGi and Gramps for a birthday dinner. We were celebrating my 30th birthday with the entire family....we had grilled steaks, spaghetti, cake and everything in-between. The food was fantastic but the laughs around the table were even better! We were all laughing so hard it hurt! Thank you all for making my birthday so special! -Brooke
Sunday, May 3rd we stayed at home and Breck and I got up to fix breakfast for everyone while Claire enjoyed time in bed with MiMi! It's so cute to go look at the two of them piled up in her huge king sized bed all cozied up and giggling while watching cartoons. We had a fun little birthday party to attend-Izzy Renfrow (Natalie (White) and Garth Renfrow's little girl). She was turning 2! What fun we had over at Ralph and Sharlette's! Thanks for a great party and we enjoyed seeing friends from Stigler. Claire loved decorating cookies (one was for Mimi), watching little Izzy, playing with the other kids there, and blowing bubbles! Then we all had to head back to Tulsa to start another week.
TODAY! Monday, May 4th-Today is special's mom's LAST and final day of radiation treatments and my 30th birthday, what a present, huh!!! Hillary and I had decided a few weeks ago to take 1/2 day off at our jobs so we could prepare a party and to suprise mom at St. John's radiation therapy. Dad was in on it as well. Hill and I spent the afternoon together going to lunch, picking up groceries and decor needed for the "luau" celebration and getting Clarie. GiGi and Gramps were also able to make it up to suprise mom & DAD! We arrived at the building, waited anxiously with butterflies in our stomachs, party horns in hand, and leis around our necks. People would walk by and say, "WOW are we in Hawaii?" and "is this for Mrs. Forrester?...she's so excited about today"....etc.... When we finally saw mom and dad coming through that hallway towards the waiting area, we were cheering her on, meeting them with hugs and kisses and topping it off with pictures and hawaiian hats/leis! Mom was so shocked she could just smile/cry and point! :) Claire is running to her in the picture and grabbing her leg....

It was such a great moment! Then we all headed back towards our house to have the party. Hillary and I had decorated with grass skirt table runners, palm trees, flamingos, "congratulations" banners, and festive foods (dips, salads, punch, etc...). GiGi even brought her yummy banana pudding. We had great fun, mom read a card from all of us that we had each signed, we laughed at Hillary and mom playing "dummy" as mom sat on her lap and she "talked" with her hands which were really Hillary's hands.

As they left we noticed the neatest thing.....another RAINBOW was in the sky! Can you believe that!!??! How neat that God would put yet another sign, another rainbow, in the sky for us to see. Isn't that crazy that there was a rainbow when we were driving down to Houston for her surgery, Stigler Community Choir/silent auction for mom was titled and themed around "Sing a Rainbow", and today....the LAST day of her treatments, we see another one!!!?!? WOW! We have always known and continue to know that it is and will be ok. Please continue to pray for mom, she has overcome so much and continues to put a smile on daily and a foot forward each moment! Thank you all for the love and support you've given our family, The Forrester's