Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bday weekend!

Happy Birthday to Ross & Mari!

This weekend was filled with birthday's and enjoying family time together. Ross celebrated the big 2-1 today along with cousin Mari who turned 9! We had pizza and angel food cake at the Forrester's and Mari celebrated her big birthday by dancing at her recital. Happy birthday to you...we love you both and enjoyed seeing the family today!

We did pack up some of mom's personal things from school and that was hard. Please pray that she'll have strength to get through the tougher moments, and look forward to bright and relaxing days ahead! Dad and Breck went to pick up more rocks for the future outdoor fireplace and then we enjoyed a southern dinner along with ooey gooey butter cake....if you've never had this...yum! I got the recipe from (i did not use the one w/ nuts though). It's easy and ooey gooey!

Tomorrow plans are to work in the garden and pick more of those delicious tomatoes! Mom enjoys all the cards, calls and visits from everyone. Thank you again for the friendship, love and prayers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pics, Fun & Misc!

Mom relaxing on her bench purchased by the New Century Club of Stigler at Roye Park!

Last weekend Hillary and Ryan brought Ryan's parents, John and Ann down to Stigler to visit mom and dad. They drove to Tulsa from Palestine, TX to visit Hillary and Ryan and then they made their way to big Stig to visit as well. They all enjoyed lunch together and driving around to see the town of Stigler. Thanks for coming down to visit, I know mom and dad enjoyed it so much! Hillary and Ryan are getting wedding details finalized and they are very busy right now with upcoming showers and preparing for their marriage in September, please remember them in prayer too!
Claire and I drove down today (July 14th) to visit mom and dad. When we got here GiGi, mom and dad we eating lunch and GiGi was already busy cleaning and cooking. She's like a little merry can't stop her! Thank you GiGi for always being there and working so hard to help out at mom and dad's. Claire kept us entertained all afternoon with her funny comments and running around playing and changing into Cinderella, Ariel and Minnie Mouse costumes. We took mom for a spin around town to get out for a little while (while we were gone though, Kim K. and Kathy J. came by to visit)...sorry we missed you girls! Come back again, mom was sad she missed you!
GARDEN TIME! Poppy, Claire and I went to the garden to pick the BIGGEST tomatoes you've ever seen (see pics) and Uncle Donnie met us up there as well. Then Uncle Donnie & Aunt Ramona made a wonderful meal and brought it down. THANK YOU, it was so great!

After dinner we went to the splash pad to let Claire play and enjoy sitting on mom's new bench! It is a beautiful black granite bench that overlooks the playground. Thank you again New Century Club of Stigler for providing that wonderful seating in honor of mom! We hope it's enjoyed by many people for a long, long time! Also, thank you for the t-shirt orders you held, bench, and money to go into mom's fund. You all have been so generous and kind in ways we can't even imagine.

We hope your family had a wonderful 4th of July...sorry so belated! Here are a few pics of the 4th and of Claire at Branson and misc. pics. Enjoy!

Keep prayers lifted for mom and dad to have strength. She will go to her dr. again for another MRI on July 22nd. -Love and prayers to all, The Forresters!