Saturday, October 3, 2009

Newest News...

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since we've posted.

Sat. Sept. 26th:
Well the weekend of Hillary's wedding went smooth and beautiful! Mom did really well that entire weekend. Of course the bride and the bride's mom stole the show! :) Beautiful weather, beautiful wedding, we were blessed by lots of friends and family there.

Since the MRI on the 21st, we have learned new news that mom's tumor/ "the spot" had grown to about the size of a walnut. This had happened quickly since her last MRI (approx. 8 wks ago). Mom and dad immediately got an appt. in Houston at MD. They flew down on Tuesday and her team of dr.'s there told them to hold off on surgery and to try a new type of chemo called Avastin. This newly approved from FDA drug will hopefully "starve" the tumor and discontinue growth and spreading. Even though it is newer to the market for brain cancer patients, the docs said that they have seen great results with it thus far. We can only hope and pray that this is what does it! She will come to Tulsa every 2 weeks for approx. 90 min. sessions. She'll take the Avastin drug via IV. Pray that she has strength to continue to be healed from the inside...out!

Thank you all for your continued love and support. Keep dad in your prayers as well, he's been so strong and positive through this. Mom is pretty weak right now, pray that she can stay vibrant and alert.

Thank you to Janice Hawkes for all the help and support you gave mom and dad down in Houston. They appreciated the "taxi" service and visiting with you!

This weekend Claire and I came down to Stigler and we're having birthday dinner at Uncle Donnie's and watching the OU game tonight. It'll be good to hang out and relax!

Love and prayers to all, The Forrester's