Wednesday, April 7, 2010

update on mom

Dearest friends and family,

We are sad to say we didn't get good news with the latest MRI. The doctors called dad and let him know that there is now a third tumor. The tumor is already 8 cm. which is large in brain tumor terms. The second tumor actually was going away....but it seems that the chemo is not working for the new tumor. We all knew this would happen. This is the worst type of brain cancer in the last stage...she's done so well to fight it to the end! There is no more chemo or surgery options. Dr.'s say it will be weeks to month(s). Hospice care is now coming in from McAlester and helping out and grandma continues to help daily! We are all still in a state of shock and disbelief, we are all kinds of emotions. Thank you all for your continued love and support. People have poured out prayers and much love towards our family. Mom has touched so many lives and will continue too for many, many years.

Here is an amazing prayer I got from someone special and thought I'd share it. Please continue to pray for mom! We love you all and thank you again, The Forrester's/Kasbaum's/Mottern's

Father God; thank you so much for the strength you are giving Doreen and her family. We know you are the source of strength in these times and praise you. May your mighty arms reach down in such a way that they can FEEL them holding them up as their legs grow weak. Send a team of your most gentle angels to carry your...and our...loved one home where we will join her very, very soon. In the perfect name of Jesus, AMEN!
pictures from: Easter 2010, Stigler Egg Hunt at the Vo-tech, guys fishing over Easter weekend, Claire at Seasame Street Live!, GiGi and Gramps w/ Lyla.