Wednesday, April 7, 2010

update on mom

Dearest friends and family,

We are sad to say we didn't get good news with the latest MRI. The doctors called dad and let him know that there is now a third tumor. The tumor is already 8 cm. which is large in brain tumor terms. The second tumor actually was going away....but it seems that the chemo is not working for the new tumor. We all knew this would happen. This is the worst type of brain cancer in the last stage...she's done so well to fight it to the end! There is no more chemo or surgery options. Dr.'s say it will be weeks to month(s). Hospice care is now coming in from McAlester and helping out and grandma continues to help daily! We are all still in a state of shock and disbelief, we are all kinds of emotions. Thank you all for your continued love and support. People have poured out prayers and much love towards our family. Mom has touched so many lives and will continue too for many, many years.

Here is an amazing prayer I got from someone special and thought I'd share it. Please continue to pray for mom! We love you all and thank you again, The Forrester's/Kasbaum's/Mottern's

Father God; thank you so much for the strength you are giving Doreen and her family. We know you are the source of strength in these times and praise you. May your mighty arms reach down in such a way that they can FEEL them holding them up as their legs grow weak. Send a team of your most gentle angels to carry your...and our...loved one home where we will join her very, very soon. In the perfect name of Jesus, AMEN!
pictures from: Easter 2010, Stigler Egg Hunt at the Vo-tech, guys fishing over Easter weekend, Claire at Seasame Street Live!, GiGi and Gramps w/ Lyla.

Friday, March 26, 2010

MRI Monday March 29

Hi everyone,

Please pray for mom's upcoming MRI. It is scheduled on March 29th around 1:00 p.m.

We have enjoyed visiting mom and others have as well. Thank you all for the sweet cards, calls, visits and prayers. Mom doesn't say much anymore but she smiles and speaks many words through her sweet eyes. She has lost feeling/movement in her right side, but that left side is very strong and she can still squeeze a hand :) Dad and GiGi (grandma) have been amazing and so strong during this time. Daily, they are devoted and care for mom. Our families strong christian faith is what continues to keep us moving forward. We also love and appreciate, Anna, our helper that comes out to be with mom and take care of the house on Tuesday's.

We have had enjoyable weekends with her....we make a lot of yummy meals and Claire and Lyla love seeing their Mimi and Poppy. We usually get to see all the aunts and uncles and great grandparents too! Since I've (Brooke) have been on maternity leave w/ Lyla...Claire and I and little Lyla get to come down more often during the week or for an earlier weekend. It's been wonderful to be here with mom and dad. She'll still give us a laugh or two every now and then :)

Claire loves fishing and riding the four wheeler w/ Poppy! This weekend she enjoyed making "arts and crafts" with some of mom's old school items. So cute...she made mom a card and beaded things for her.

Mom has had lots of visits....especially from her school buddies. Thanks girls for making her Tuesday's special!

Continue your thoughts and prayers for mom....we are thankful for friends and family like you all. Everyone has been so supportive and kind throughout this trial. We love you all! The Forrester Family/Kasbaum/Mottern's

Monday, March 8, 2010

update-march 8

Hi everyone!
Mom had chemo again today and met w/ her chemo dr. here in Tulsa. It went well and dad said that they plan to do an MRI in approx. 3 weeks. Hopefully we'll know more about the 2nd tumor then. Continue to pray for her to be healed and regain strength. She's not able to move that right side at all, but has high spirits! Thank you all for your continued love and support for our mom and our family. Love, The Forrester's, Kasbaum's & Mottern's

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more pics

Lyla Reese was born on New Year's Eve 2009! Mom got to come up to be with us too to welcome her second granddaughter into the world....Lyla weighed 7.1 and was 19.5 in. long. It was a wonderful day/night to celebrate a new life and looking forward to a new year ahead full of healing, strength, peace and miracles!

Visiting Mimi & Poppy-2 weeks old.....

Lyla-7 weeks old

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February weekend update!

Hello to everyone from the Forrester/Kasbaum/& most recently Mottern families! :) We are posting some pics from the wedding, of Lyla's birth, and just some fun photos of our families! Brooke, Breck, Claire, Lyla, Hillary, Ryan and all the dogs came to MiMi and Poppy's this weekend! We have had a wonderful time together!! :)

*Mom has been doing pretty good lately.. as some of you know she had to go to St. John Hospital in Tulsa a few weeks ago for a seizure that she had. They decided to switch her seizure medication and increase the dosage. They didn't do an MRI while we were there because they didn't want to put her through all the testing so she will still get an MRI in the weeks to come. We'll definitely let you all know when that will be! Please continue to pray for her strength! She continues to be very weak on her right side and unable to use it very often. So please lift her up EVERYDAY as we know you all do! :) We are so very blessed with amazing family, friends, and a supportive community! You have no idea what each and every one of you mean to us! God is AWESOME and will continue to take care of mom and heal her! She is in HIS hands!
*Today - Sunday Feb. 28 - Nana Banana, Carl, Gramps (Virgil), GiGi, Uncle Roy, Aunt Ellen, Cousin Jenny and her family, Cousin Bekkie and her family are all coming to Stigler to see mom! It will be a fun filled day! We love spending time with our loved ones! It'll bring a smile to mom's face! :) We put makeup on mom and got her all dolled up for her company! :) yipppeee!

We love you all! God bless you always! The Forrester's/Kasbaum's/& Mottern's! :)

**all wedding photos taken by Andrea Murphy! She is fabulous!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MRI update-improvement!!!

Hi all!

Better news!! We found out from Dr. Woosley (mom's neuro here in Tulsa) that he thought the 2nd tumor had become "less bright" and had shrunk just a little bit, praise the Lord!! We are still waiting to hear from her chemo doctor, Dr. Trotman, tomorrow (Wed the 9th) to see what to do next. Also, we are waiting on the doctors at MD Anderson to let us know their opinion....

Thanks for all the love & prayers! Love, the Forrester's

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Time!

Hi everyone!

Happy Holidays!

11/21 & 11/22--Birthday weekend! Dad, Mom & Hillary's birthdays are all on the 21st and 22nd. It's so neat that they all "share" them together! We had a good time...we had a great family dinner themed "italian night". We made lasagna, grandma brought over spaghetti & meatballs and uncle donnie/aunt ramona brought salad & bread. we also had a birthday cake & ice cream! We enjoyed having visitors over...thank you Brother John and Addie, Jackie B., Phyllis & Lana running over for lunch during the, dad and hill all opened presents that evening.

Thanksgiving day....we had a huge feast at GiGi and Gramps house with uncle Donnie, aunt Ramona, Ross, Hannah, Hillary, Ryan, Breck, Claire & I, Les & Janice. It was wonderful and abundant in every area from full tummies to great new memories made. Mom is so weak that it's hard for her to get out, so we made plates and sent them back home for her and dad to eat. After lunch and visiting we went back to enjoy the rest of our Thanksgiving Day with mom and dad. Hillary and I put up the Christmas tree, decorated it, and displayed her "Santa" collection while mom and Claire took a nap. Dad, Ryan and Breck put up the lights on the fence in the front of their house. Everything looks so festive and ready for Christmas! After we decorated, mom was up from her nap and we brought her in so she could see the decorated tree and outside lights from their window...she smiled, so we know she loves it! :)

12/6/09---Christmas with Nana!
We had a great day in Stigler today. Nana banana and gpa Carl came over to have lunch with us and to celebrate Christmas with the family. We had Charlie's Chicken, hot cider like mom always made and then opened a few gifts. Mom was more alert today...I think she stayed awake a little longer to enjoy the family and Claire opening a few presents. She still took her afternoon nap. Then we all said our goodbyes and had to head home...we miss her and dad every time we walk out that door and have to drive away!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday season! We are continuously blessed daily by all the love, notes, calls, support & prayers that are lifted every moment!

Pray for mom tomorrow...12/7, she has her MRI appt. Thanks, love, and blessings to you and your family!
Love, The Forrester's