Sunday, February 28, 2010

February weekend update!

Hello to everyone from the Forrester/Kasbaum/& most recently Mottern families! :) We are posting some pics from the wedding, of Lyla's birth, and just some fun photos of our families! Brooke, Breck, Claire, Lyla, Hillary, Ryan and all the dogs came to MiMi and Poppy's this weekend! We have had a wonderful time together!! :)

*Mom has been doing pretty good lately.. as some of you know she had to go to St. John Hospital in Tulsa a few weeks ago for a seizure that she had. They decided to switch her seizure medication and increase the dosage. They didn't do an MRI while we were there because they didn't want to put her through all the testing so she will still get an MRI in the weeks to come. We'll definitely let you all know when that will be! Please continue to pray for her strength! She continues to be very weak on her right side and unable to use it very often. So please lift her up EVERYDAY as we know you all do! :) We are so very blessed with amazing family, friends, and a supportive community! You have no idea what each and every one of you mean to us! God is AWESOME and will continue to take care of mom and heal her! She is in HIS hands!
*Today - Sunday Feb. 28 - Nana Banana, Carl, Gramps (Virgil), GiGi, Uncle Roy, Aunt Ellen, Cousin Jenny and her family, Cousin Bekkie and her family are all coming to Stigler to see mom! It will be a fun filled day! We love spending time with our loved ones! It'll bring a smile to mom's face! :) We put makeup on mom and got her all dolled up for her company! :) yipppeee!

We love you all! God bless you always! The Forrester's/Kasbaum's/& Mottern's! :)

**all wedding photos taken by Andrea Murphy! She is fabulous!