Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hello fellow friends, family and bloggers!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day on this gorgeous, warm afternoon! We have been super busy this past weekend and during the week!

Ryan and I traveled to Stigler last Saturday after I did the St. Francis Heart Walk in downtown Tulsa! We had a great turnout for St. Francis employees ( I think the most there)! It was fun to be with my team outside of work! My girlfriends and I dedicated our "walk" to a family member and mine of course was MOM! She has heart disease that is hereditary called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, non-obstructive. This means her heart is thicker than normal and therefore can cause her to pass out or go into a funny heart rhythm, this is why she received a defibrillator! It is a precautionary tool to keep her safe!:) The non-obstructive part means there is nothing obstructing her blood flow from the main artery (aorta) to the rest of her body! (which is a GREAT thing) Just thought everyone might want to know since this is what I do everyday! :) Deal with hearts! :) The walk was great! Below is a picture of some of the girls I work with! Ai, me, Krista, and Jen!

Ryan and I left after the walk and got to Stigler around noon or so... We got straight to work....loading rock, hauling rock, unloading rock.....we plan to use all this rock to build mom an outdoor area/fireplace that she can enjoy in the evenings, or whenever! She is super excited to get started! :) And of course we fished, a lot! It was a very peaceful, non-stressful couple of days at home! Below: Claire "hunting" Easter eggs at the Stigler Vo-tech. She was hilarious!

Mom is doing soooo incredible people! I CAN NOT begin to tell everyone how well she is doing! It's unbelievable, she is staying at home by herself, ironing, washing clothes, doing dishes, vacuuming, etc....I mean unreal! Her mood is STILL (after everything she has been through emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually) sooooo positive, she uplifts me and gives me strength even! GOD IS MIRACULOUS! You all are amazing! It's all because of prayers and positive attitude through this whole part of mom's life that is healing her! Please, please keep it up! She is sooo PUMPED that she only has 6 more treatments after today! Can you believe it! I mean she is almost finished and can't wait to get back to her normal routine of shopping and staying with us in Tulsa!! GOD REIGNS!!! We are so blessed as a family to have God in our lives and all of you who are reading and praying for mom! We love you all and hope you live well and laugh often! Have a blessed day! Below: Claire and Aunt Sissy on Easter morning!

Love forever,
The Forrester Family

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend!

Hi everyone!
Happy Easter Weekend!!!!

We had a very fun and enjoyable Easter weekend, hope your family did too! Friday evening we all made it to Stigler to enjoy time together. Mom didn't have radiation today-due to the holiday. Grandma (GiGi) had stayed with mom and cooked a wonderful southern, home-cooked meal for everyone. Thanks GiGi!
Saturday we were excited to wake up to take Claire to Stigler's Easter Egg Hunt at the Vo-Tech. It was Poppy's idea and it was a great one! There were lots of kids there ready to hunt the 4,000 eggs & a butterfly release. During the butterfly release, the kids were supposed to whisper a wish to the butterfly and it would take it to the heavens to be heard....I was holding Claire and we told her to whisper her wish and she said, "make mimi feel better"....tears were in my eyes as her butterfly flew off. We KNOW that our great God will hear it and grant that wish! During the egg hunt-Mimi got to watch Claire from the vehicle. Claire was excited to find 36 eggs! Claire LOVED the Easter Bunny...she kept holding onto her leg! This was the first year she really enjoyed hunting eggs and seeing the Easter bunny.
Thanks to Stigler's community for the fun Easter Egg hunt & coming by the Tahoe to visit mom! Some of her students waved their little arms off at mom, they were SO excited to see her...the feeling was mutual! The boys went to pick up some rocks to use for mom and dad's outdoor fireplace they are building soon for her. They came back (a tad bit burned from the beautiful sunny day), for lunch and then headed off to go fishing! Dad needed some guy time and they all had some laughs. Hillary and I went to the grocery store, cooked and cleaned the rest of the afternoon to prepare for Easter dinner. Uncle Donnie & family took Claire over to a friend's house to see their new baby goats & puppies. She had so much fun being a little farm girl! Thanks Scott & Diana!

Sunday-Easter morning! We had an Easter brunch before church....Of course the Easter bunny had delivered not 1, but 2 baskets for Claire! She got a new bike helmet, books, clothes, Pretty-Pretty Princess game, and lots of candy. She had tons of fun hunting eggs and getting a "prize" egg from GiGi and gramps (goose egg). Nana banana sent $5.00 to put inside plastic eggs which Claire thought was so neat to find money in them. Mom and dad stayed home to warm up the dishes we prepared on Sat. and the "kids" attended church. It was wonderful to be there and visit with everyone at Main Street Baptist! Thank you all for your continued love and support for mom and dad. They miss you too! After church, the entire family came over to mom and dad's and we had a huge Easter lunch. From ham to pies...we were stuffed! After lunch we hid eggs for Claire and watched the Master's championship. It was fun just hanging out and enjoying family time all weekend.
Love and prayers to all! The Forrester Family

Thursday, April 9, 2009 we come!

Hi all!

Sorry we're not posting as much lately, mom's doing so well, that we don't have a lot to say except that she's doing great with her treatments! They still drive back and forth daily to Tulsa for her radiation.

We're (Hillary, Ryan, Breck, Claire & I...oh, and the dogs :)) will be headed to Stigler tomorrow (Friday). The plans are to go to Stigler and enjoy a long, family weekend! Mom asked Hillary & I a few days ago if we would cook on Saturday. GiGi will be cooking the ham and Hillary & I will be trying to master mom's side dish recipies! EEK! As long as she's there helping too, we'll be fine. Poppy wants to take Claire to Stigler's Easter Egg hunt...what fun that'll be! We are planning on a weekend of egg hunting, eating, and enjoying making memories. We hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend remembering why we are really celebrating this Easter holiday! Happy Easter and we'll post more over the weekend and some pictures too! :) -The Forrester's

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Weekend!

Hi everyone!

This weekend was a little different than usual.....all the "kids" stayed in Tulsa this weekend while mom and dad got some quiet time and rest! We all had our share of things to do and all needed some down time so we just decided to stay in town!

Mom is doing incredible still....except she is having difficulty hearing out of her left ear....please pray that this is just part of her cold and nothing could be from the treatments since that's the ear by her scar, but we hope it will get better soon! She had to miss one treatment last week due to an equipment malfunction and then they are closed for Good Friday so she will have a few to make up in the end...She is pretty much halfway finished so far....PRAISE THE LORD!

Time continues to fly by.....we know she will continue to heal and fight to the end! She is so so so positive and becoming more independent every single day! We will continue to keep you informed! Thanks again all you precious followers who keep up with Mom's life! We love everyone dearly and continue to pray that she gains strength and courage! God bless you all!

****Go back and look at the Sing A Rainbow post.....I added as many pictures as I could! So cute!

Have a good evening!
The Forrester Family