Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hello everyone!

What a fantabulous weekend!! I don't know where to begin!!!! I won't have any pictures on here yet because I forgot my cord to my camera so I can't upload pictures to mom's computer! You'll just have to wait and see!!! They are going to be ADORABLE!

Friday: Ryan and I headed out of Tulsa with Miss Claire Bella to MiMi and Poppy's house! We got here around 8pm, just in time to see OU WIN!!! yay! We were all pretty tired from a long day of work and mom was worn out from her 2nd week of treatment! It's starting to make her a little more tired in the evenings....please keep praying for her strength and health! We all hit the sack early due to the stormy weather....makes us sleepy!!

Saturday: Claire and I slept in while the others were up fixing breakfast! We all ate and pretty much did whatever Claire wanted....dress up, read books, sang songs, danced.....had a blast! Mom has improved soooo much and continues to every single day....I can tell just by talking to her on the phone! She read so many books to claire and hardly had any issues thinking of words! She is such a miraculous, motivated mom!! We love her so very much! She and Claire then took a 2hr. nap in the kind of has a cold so that's also making her tired. The rest of us just watched TV and talked. After they woke up from their nap, it was almost time to start getting ready for mom's benefit! We were so pumped! Saddened too because unfortunately Brooke and Breck got stuck in Tulsa due to the "blizzard" like storm sweeping through! :( They were really bummed but were with us in mind and spirit! Be sure to lift Brooke up as well this week....she is sending off her National Board binder...She rocks!! We love her dearly! Let me just say the benefit for mom was just AWESOME....BRILLIANT....EXTRAVAGANT....FUN!! We all had a blast! Mom loved it and kept talking about it all the way home!

SING A RAINBOW: We want to give lots and lots and lots of thanks to Gayle and Bob Cariker (& Anjanette Blankenship) for putting on such a memorable show! They have always been such close friends of ours and love you all so much! We also want to thank Marsha Butler (pianist) for being such a talented and wonderful friend! Thanks to Dennis Wright for running the sound booth and letting mom and dad sit back there with you!! Perfect spot! Thanks of course to all of you who were a part of the community choir and those of you who danced and sang solos! We have such talented people in this small community! We know it takes a lot of time and effort to put into these shows! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It meant so much to mom and her family that this community loves HER so much! And thanks to those whom took part in the gift baskets and silent auction prizes! (Stigler Grade School, Middle School, and High School, Teresa Ross, Marsha Butler and Sharlette White) Thank you Thank you to Mrs. Forrester's first grade class (students, Mrs. Kathy Bratton, Ms. Summer Weaver) for all the beautiful artwork and the big rainbow you made from your hand prints!! She will cherish that forever! THANK YOU COMMUNITY for coming to the show and being a part of this benefit!

Sunday: Had a great breakfast full of eggs, bacon, cinnamon toast, and oatmeal! The most important meal of the day! :) Dad, Ryan and Uncle Donnie went to fish (as usual on Sundays) while the girls stayed here and played dress up and karaoke! :) Mom is doing so great! She is starting to do her normal things again around the house which is so amazing! She has got 6 more weeks of treatment so please continue to pray that her strength and faith keep growing!! I will post the pictures as soon as I get back to Tulsa! Lana Huggins took a lot too and she is going to email me the pictures so I can use hers as well! Have a fabulous day everyone and take care! Thanks for your prayers and love to this family! God has blessed us in so many, many ways! HE IS INDESCRIBABLE! :)

With lots of love and blessings,
The Forrester Family

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friends for lunch...

Hi everyone!
Sorry we haven't written in a while...things are so busy right now! We hope to see everyone at SHS auditorium Sat. night @ 7:30 :)
Today (Thursday) Lana and Phyllis brought mom lunch! Awe! What great friends :) Thanks girls! Grandma took a great picture of them, didn't she! Mom's treatments are going well, keep prayers going strong!
Love-The Forrester's!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

T-Shirt info...

Hi everyone!
April 3rd is the last order for t-shirts. Have your order/payment ready by April 3rd and they should be in by April 9th. Stef Quick and/or Susie White (see side bar on right for phone numbers). Also, we will have order forms available next weekend at Stigler High School auditorium if you want to get an order in then.
** Saturday, March 28th at 7:30 p.m. SHS auditorium. Community Choir performs and auction** FUN TIMES! :) See you then!
(one more order for t-shirts may be during summer, not sure still????) Thanks everyone for all your calls, notes/cards, emails, blog comments...and especially the continued prayers! We love you all!! Love, The Forrester's
P.S. Lana & Hillary...great job on the blog post for the weekend. love the pics!

Relaxing Weekend in Stigler!!

Hello everyone!

Lets just start with Friday:
As Brooke had said in previous blogs, mom and dad get up to Tulsa about 3 or 3:30 pm everyday and go straight to St. John. Her treatments are so fast - 12 to 15 mins. Dad said they are getting to know the same group of people which is nice for them. There is a couple there before mom and some scheduled after mom! They always say hello and exchange "how are you all today?"! It's sad, but great in a way that they are all sharing something - The fight against cancer! Ryan and I headed out of Tulsa around 6pm and decided to stop at El Chico in Muskogee to eat. Mom and dad had already headed home right after her appt. We got to Stigler about 8pm and joined mom on the couch! I started having an allergy attack earlier in the day so I was still pretty stopped up. Dad is the same way. He's been fighting it since last Monday or so....We just want mom to stay as healthy and strong as she can!

Saturday: Lots of sleeping.....It was a dull, rainy day that made all of us so tired!!! :) We didn't do much of anything, honestly....Uncle Donnie had called and asked if we wanted to go fishing but we didn't get up in time!! oops! Instead, we took mom driving around the Eufaula dam. There are so many neat, big homes out there and it's fun to get to look at them! Mom's good buddies came out to visit with her a bit today....Phyllis and Gentry Henry and Lana Huggins! They each brought some sweet treats! It was all so delicious! Thanks for coming over girls it really made mom's day! We love you very much! We had lunch around 1pm and then "lights out"! Every single one of us were asleep in about 30 mins. We all took about 1 1/2 hr. nap! WOW! I guess we all needed it badly!! After that it was all about BASKETBALL! The rest of the afternoon consisted of watching the NCAA tournament on CBS! :) Boomer Sooner!! Go OU! Woo Hoo!! We called it an early night after that as well!
side note: Claire Isabella came home later last night from staying in Branson, MO since Wed. with her Aunt Katie, Uncle Chad, Uncle Mike, cousins Eli and Owen! She had a blast being with them and had a safe trip home! I know for a fact her mommy and daddy could not wait to get a hold of their baby girl! :)

Sunday: This morning Ryan and I awoke very early and decided to get ready for the day and fix mom and dad a good breakfast....That's what we did! It was just right! Not too little, not too much! Uncle Donnie and Aunt Ramona asked to cook lunch today so after church around 12:30pm we are headed to their house to eat! Yum!!! They are always such GREAT cooks! Thanks familia!!! Ryan and I will be leaving soon after lunch....laundry and cleaning to do as well! oh boy!

Mom continues to do amazing with her treatments! We all know it helps that you continue to lift her up in daily prayer! She is a superhero! So positive and so faithful! God works in miraculous ways! Keep up the prayer and remember to give the glory to God!! He is truly amazing! :)

Love to all,
The Forrester Family
****Below are a couple of pictures Lana Huggins gave mom...They are of the "drive-by" at the grade school and a few of her and friends!****

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good days!

Hi everyone!!

Mom has been doing good. Thursday and Friday have been about the same....grandma has been staying w/ mom during the day and they've been busy with "schoolwork". Mom has some papers she has to go over daily to "study" for therapy. Grandma enjoys helping her with this and she gives her all A's!!! :)

Dad will come home in time to take her to her radiation here in Tulsa. They're getting it down quicker and able to do it in about 15-20 minutes! wow! That amazes me. They usually head out quickly to get back home and relax in the evenings.

Thank you all for your sweet support and prayers! We appreciate everything! Love and good night, The Forrester's

***Side note....on March 28th (Sat.) there will be a community benefit at SHS Auditorium in Stigler at 7:30 p.m. The community choir will be singing and they will have an auction. How neat! :) Also, some people have been asking about t-shirts again....yes, they are doing another order sometime in April so you can call Stephanie Quick and/or Suzie White (see side bar on the right for numbers). *** My friend Beth's dad (Dale) is doing miraculously well, even the doctors can't believe it! So thank you for praying for him, I know that he and mom are doing this well because you lift them up daily!!! :) Keep doing what you're doing!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Day!!!

Wow! What a gorgeous day :) Mom and grandma hung out today and had a great time. Grandma (gigi), mom really loves you being there with her, she talks a lot about you and really enjoying your company. Thank you for all your hlep with mom and with the house/cooking/cleaning, etc....

Dad brought her up again today for treatment #3....went well and then they came over to our house and I cooked up a yummy dinner for them. We grilled chicken, sauteed veggies, salad, sweet tea and made home-ade banana pudding (grandma and mom's recipe)....of course my banana pudding does NOT even compare to theirs, but it was still tasty!!! Hillary came over and helped prepare along with Chip. Chip and Cooper love playing outside, they run around chasing one another and pester the next door neighbor's so funny! Then...they left around 6:00 p.m. and headed back to Stigler. Hill, Breck and I (Ryan was teaching baseball lessons) went to a Nature Trail in Broken Arrow....very nice to walk/run outdoors and get a breath of fresh air.

Please continue to pray for the safe travels back and forth and now dad has a mild cold, pray he gets over it quickly and mom continues to stay healthy and strong. Love you all! The Forrester's

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Here are a few pics of Claire today in all her green. :) Mom had a good 2nd treatment today and then met up with Hillary at Steak & Shake in Tulsa. They had a little food and fun visit and then headed home. Thank you all still for the uplifting prayers, comments, cards/emails, phone calls....and just being faithful friends & family members!!!!

Love, The Forrester's

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Radiation treatment!

Hi everyone!
Today was mom's first radiation treatment. It went as well as a radiation treatment can go. Dad said it only took about 15 minutes....kind of crazy to have to drive an hour and a half to Tulsa and then again back to Stigler. Oh well, if it's going to help make mom better then bring on the driving :)
They met Claire and I over at the house around 5:15 p.m. and it was so fun because when mom got out of the Tahoe...all three of us girls (Claire, mom and I) had on our "prayers for doreen" t-shirts! Too fun!
We all had the same idea I guess to wear them today in support of her going for her first radiation treatment!! They only stayed about 15 minutes at our house and then left for Stigler. What a beautiful spring day it was today. Thank you Lord for the smiles and sunshine! We only pray for many more sunny days to come!
Love, The Forrester's

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Darlin' Dudes for Doreen!

Hi there!
These are our friends (Christen & Kevin's) baby boys! I stole the "title" of this post from their family website ( Are they not the CUTEST little twin boys you've ever seen! They are sporting their shirts in honor and support of mom and brain cancer awareness. We'd like to thank everyone for your support for mom. From little babies like Patrick and William to older adults......thank you all for praying and supporting our family! Wear your t-shirts loud and proud! :)

Forrester FUN this weekend!!!

Hello all!!!

What an amazing weekend we had!!! Let's just start at the beginning! After work on Friday, Ryan and I (& chip) headed over to Brooke's to pick up precious Claire Isabella to go to Stigler and visit MiMi and Poppy, GiGi and Gramps, Uncle Donnie and Aunt Ramona! Brooke and Breck stayed in Tulsa to work, so we got to take Claire! yay! We got to Stigler about 7:30pm. Boy was mom and dad happy to get that baby out of the car!!! How fun to see the huge smiles on their faces! And of course Claire yelled, "MiMi.....Poppy....!!!! I love you!" They exchanged hugs and kisses over and over! We all played awhile and got to bed fairly early, we all know Friday nights are "wind down" nights and tend to go to bed early after a long week! :) or at least we do! Ha!

Saturday morning rolled around and I must say Miss Claire Bear likes to roll around and kick 'ya in the side when she sleeps! No, it wasn't too bad! I love her oh so much! It was fun to sleep by my niece! She is precious and so easy to care for! We got up and Ryan went to Walmart to get some breakfast food. He and I fixed everyone a good breakfast: flaky biscuits, waffles, sausage, and bacon. It was really good! We decided to get ready for the day then Ry Ry pulled out 2 My Little Pet Shop toys for Claire.....She was super excited! She played and played with those! He spoils her rotten! But we all love to!!!

Mom is doing tremendous getting herself ready and she doesn't want any help! She got all ready by herself and put her makeup on....I helped with her hair and then she went to play with Claire the rest of the day. Mom desperately wanted more of her Mary Kay makeup so she remembered Sheryl Kirk sold it and I went to her house and picked some up for mom. It was nice to get to visit with Sheryl and Jim Bob! Thanks for you prayers!

Uncle Donnie and Aunt Ramona called and told us they were fixing a big fish dinner! very yummy!!! If you don't know by now, our family LOVES crappie!! (yes, that is pronounced crawpy, ha!) They fixed fish, ranch style beans, cornbread, fried potatoes, homemade tartar sauce, fresh squeezed lemonade, grandma fixed cole slaw, and for dessert - huge strawberries with chocolate dip! oh so good! Needless to say, we were all very full and hit the sack early, again! :) Thanks so much for cooking Uncle Donnie and Aunt Ramona! You rock!!

This morning (Sunday), we all ate breakfast and I got Claire ready right after. Mom got ready while Claire was getting ready and then they played and played all morning! Dress up and checkers are a few of the things they have done today! :) We ate pizza for lunch and I cleaned up the house and did some laundry. Poppy and Ryan took Claire Bear for a ride on the four wheeler and to meet Uncle Donnie at the pond to catch some minnows. She loves going with her Poppy! We are going to leave around 2pm to head back to Tulsa and get things done there as well.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! Have a great week and remember Mom is starting her radiation/chemo pill on Monday! She will be going to St. John everyday - Monday thru Friday at 4pm. Please continue to pray for her during her treatments and that she may maintain her strength, courage, faith, and positive attitude! She loves everyone so very much and appreciates all you have done and all of your prayers! Her family loves and thanks all of you as well! We will keep you updated!

Lots of love - God Bless!
The Forrester Family

"It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed." Deuteronomy 31:8 (thanks Chels!)

The t-shirts look absolutely amazing!!!! We cannot wait for everyone to have theirs and to wear them! They rock! Mom was so ecstatic when she saw hers! Thanks to everyone who was involved in the process of getting it together, designing, taking orders, ordering, distributing.... etc. Thank you so so so much! We can't wait to see the bench for mom!!! Love you all!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Restful, enjoyable day....

Hi everyone! :)

Grandma (gigi) came over to take care of mom today. It sounded like they just had a great time together with lots of food, fun and laughs. Grandma made sure she had a great breakfast filled with oats and cinnamon toast! yum! Mom got all fixed up after her shower, relaxed with grandma, did some word searches, had lunch with dad and Virgil (gramps).

Mom told grandma today that she was so excited that her "baby" (Claire) was coming down for the weekend. :) Smiles!!!!! Tomorrow mom, dad, uncle Donnie and Aunt Ramona are coming up to Tulsa for another doctor's appointment. Uncle Donnie and Aunt Ramona wanted to come with them to see where mom will be needed to go for future appts. That'll be fun to have them going along! :) Thanks for doing that Uncle Donnie & Aunt Ramona!!! Also, Hillary and Ryan are headed down to Stigler this weekend and are wanting to take Claire w/ them so they she can visit mimi and poppy! I will be needing to stay here to work on National Board for teaching stuff Hillary mentioned in a previous blog post. Keep praying for all of us, my friend Beth's dad (Dale), and all other cancer patients and survivors! Love and prayers, The Forrester's

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mom's drive by the school!!

Good day to everyone!!

Oh my!! What a fabulous day for Mom! She woke up well rested and feeling great! Grandma Charlene came over to stay with her today. Mom decided she wanted to take a little road trip by the school and Grandma's house.

Well......Grandma was driving by the grade school and saw Mrs. Huggin's door open so she stopped and honked. Mom waved REALLY BIG to Lana and her kids.....THEN Lana got alllllllll the kids out of alllllll the classrooms and they ran to the fence as fast as they could to see Mrs. Forrester!!! It was such a blessing and such a good day for mom! Grandma said she just broke out in laughter and tears! She just had the best time seeing everyone wave and yell out "Hi! Mrs. Forrester, we miss and love you!"

Grandma said it was so good for her to see her students! It just lifted her spirits! They then went on to Grandma's house and hung around there this afternoon. Dad came to pick her up around 4:30pm for her speech therapy session. Grandma also said she folded clothes today and even did some of the dishes! WHAT AMAZING PROGRESS! We all have to keep praying this continues and that she gains strength! She will be back to normal sooner than we know it! The Lord will continue to bless her and heal her!

I met a very special patient today who has had such an unbelievable life - good and bad. I wanted to share her story. She was the most excited Christian woman who wanted to tell me her testimony and about Jesus! She just couldn't wait to tell me what had happened to her throughout her life. She was an orphan until the age of 5, then her father found her. He abused her terribly and hid her for 5 years until she was 10. She was finally found and taken into foster care. She never attended school, couldn't read or write, had no one. She met her wonderful husband and had 3 children. One day she had enough mentally and emotionally and didn't know what to do. She had a gun ready and suddenly got a phone call from a friend saying, "I just wanted to let you know that Jesus Loves You!" That's all it took, and she said, "Who's Jesus?" Her friend then witnessed to her and she came to know the Lord! She immediately dropped on her knees and started crying and praying to Jesus, whom she didn't really know. Instantly she felt two hands touch her you chills huh, She jumped up and thought it was her husband or kids but remembered she had locked the door. She knew it was Jesus there with her, comforting her. From that moment on she knew she had to live for Christ! She prayed to God to help her learn to read and write and ended up teaching herself! He sure does work miracles! She found her father again, forgave him for all the terrible and horrible things he had done to her and led him to Christ before he passed away! She now dreams about Jesus holding her as an infant in front of the hospital where she was left and she knows He was there from the beginning to protect her through all of her troubles. She ended up finding her mother and reconnecting with her and now ministers to others about her passion for Christ! She was such an amazing woman of God that I know He put her in my life today for a reason. I really needed that and was so touched by her testimony! She told me to live for Jesus everyday because He knows what we are going through and He is with each and every one of us EVERY SECOND! He never, ever leaves our side! I just wanted to share that story to encourage everyone to live for Christ and become closer to God! He will take care of our mom!! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

The Forrester Family

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great day at the Dr.

Hi to everyone this evening! We hope everybody is having a nice relaxing evening watching "American Idol" (one of mom's favorites) or whatever....

Dad brought her to Tulsa again today to meet with her chemo Dr. (not for sure what her name is) but Dad said mom loved her and she was so nice and pleasant to work with! That is such a blessing for us all! It's so wonderful to have doctors who are passionate about their patients! She will be starting her chemo "pill" soon and then her first radiation treatment next Monday (16th) so keep her in constant prayer that she may keep strength and faith throughout this journey!

Brooke had to work late on National Board stuff at school (please keep her in prayer as well, this is a very stressful time but we all know she is one of the BEST TEACHERS EVER and that she will get certified!) so I got to pick up Miss Claire Bear from daycare and take her to meet MiMi and Poppy at Brooke's house!

Mom and Dad both looked great and they just played and played with Claire! They were having a ball! I had to leave shortly after to get taxes done!! oh boy! And then Brooke got home not long after I had left.

They got on the road after visiting awhile and made it home safe! So all in all it was a good day! Thanks to everyone again and again for constant prayer and uplifting! I know it was mentioned yesterday, but mom truly enjoys reading all the comments from everyone on the blog! It really makes her day bright! Even if its just to say "Hi", it doesn't have to be long! :) She loves everyone so very much and can't wait to start hanging out with her friends again!

Have a wonderful, blessed night!
Love to all,
The Forrester Family

*If you are having a hard, stressful day and need some uplifting and encouragement, repeat this verse, "Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry come to you. Do not hide your face from me in the day of my distress. Incline your ear to me; answer me speedily in the day when I call." Romans 102:1-2 Thanks to my great friend, Chelsea!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hanging out....

Hi everyone,
Today Steph Quick came over to be with mom. Steph got mom all pampered up and feeling good, they also rested and relaxed. They worked on mom's therapy items such as: days of the week, numbers, etc...she's doing REALLY well with all of that. She's also noticing more of when she says things the wrong way, she'll try and correct herself, even if it still may not come out quite sure is close!! We usually know what she's talking about. Grandma came over to cook dinner while dad went to get a haircut.

Thank you to everyone who is still praying, sending cards/emails, and posting on the blog. If you haven't read the blog comments from yesterday's blog, do it! Very sweet messages and inspiring, thank you ladies for posting such marvelous words. Mom and Steph got online today and went to the blog. Steph read her the comments and she said mom was so excited and smiling from ear to ear to hear from you....keep 'em coming! :) Good night! --The Forrester's
**Tomorrow mom has another dr.'s appt. Radiation will start probably this week.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Feeling Great Today!

Hi everyone!! Mom is feeling great today minus a few stomach aches, but she is doing just fine! Ryan and I drove down last night to stay the weekend with mom and dad! Chip (our mini schnauzer) is having a blast running around in the great Outdoors!! :)

Mom got all pampered this morning - hair and makeup! She felt so good after I got finished! We got dressed for the day, ready to go! Dad, Ryan and Uncle Donnie all went fishing until noon and came back pretty much empty handed! :( It's gotta be the wind! Right guys?? oh well....maybe next time!

Mom and I hung out at the house and played with Chip and looked at pictures! Jackie Bryant stopped by to bring in a large, yummy chocolate sheet cake! It is sooooo good! mmmmmm.....

Mom will hopefully start her treatments next week! We are just waiting to hear back from the doctor's office on Monday to see when she is supposed to go to Tulsa again! Continue to pray hard, hard, hard for this will be difficult on everyone! But we all know God is in Control!!! He is in the DRIVER'S SEAT and is truly the GREAT PHYSICIAN! We love you all so very much! We will also continue to pray for you and yours!
The Forrester Family

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun Friday....

Today mom stayed home with grandma. Then nana banana came up to visit. Mom's stomach is still bothering her, so please keep praying.

Also, thank you for the t-shirt was awesome! We'll have to all take some pics in the shirts when they come in and I'll post them on the blog. :)

Love, The Forrester's

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good day & T-shirt orders due!

Hi all!

Mom and dad got an earlier appointment today to get her fitted for her mask to wear during radiation treatments. The nurse at her oncologists office felt compelled to give mom a book that was given to her in 2005. How sweet of her to pass it day I know mom will do the same for another person to keep them motivated and uplifted! Her oncologist is Dr. Willison at St. John's and they have been great there!

They had a good afternoon, they had some lunch after her appointment in Muskogee at Runt's BBQ. Mom had a salad w/ brisket on top and dad said she ate about 1/2 of it, so that's good! Then they just hung out and rested at home. This evening they enjoyed dinner at Uncle Donnie's and Aunt Ramona's. When I called they were there chowing down on some pork chops, fried potatoes, pinto beans, noodles....the works! Yum!! Good food makes anyone feel better! :)
To order contact Stephanie Quick @ 918-448-0478 or Susie White @ 918-448-2061. See t-shirt order/form/picture to the side of the blog for more details!

Thanks to all who have ordered a shirt in honor of mom and brain cancer and good night! The Forrester's

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MRI and Dr. Woosley's office.....

It's a Beautiful Day!!!

Hello to everyone on this BEAUTIFUL March day!! Don't you just love it! :) Mom had her MRI done today with the Radiation Dr. Willison and Dr. Milton/Medtronic rep, Sheila by her side. Dad said it went really well, there were no complications.

She then went to Dr. Woosley's office around 1:45pm to have her Venous Doppler (ultrasound of her leg veins) and it did show she has a blood clot. They waited for Dr. Woosley to see them and he prescribed her Coumadin which is a blood thinner. Dr. Woosley said that will be fine for her to take since it's been long enough post surgery.

Mom will have her radiation mask made tomorrow, I believe around 11:45am?? They will fit it uniquely to her head so they can mark on it exactly where the radiation will be given. Dad said she will have 33 treatments in all. That's everyday during the week, not on weekends.

She is doing great with her stomach now. She is eating better, dad said she had a taco salad today and really enjoyed it. She sure does love those milkshakes!! yummy! :) I think they will be going back to Stigler tonight and then traveling again tomorrow morning! Please always keep them in prayer also for safe travel!

Thanks to Stephanie Quick and Grandma (GiGi) for helping mom during the day! She has so much fun doing her hair, getting massages, and getting make-up put on her! ;) We love you both very much!

We will keep you updated as soon as we know more! Thanks for all the prayers and love!! And also, please please pray for those other VERY SPECIAL people in our community who are fighting and battling cancer as well. To the Rose and Upton family, thank you for all your advice, support and encouragement through mom's journey....We continue to receive prayers and gifts from those who are also fighting! God Bless you all! You are ANGELS among us!
The Forrester Family

One of my best friends - Chelsea Coates sends me inspiration bible verses EVERYDAY!
Here is today's:
"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul!" Psalm 143:8

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trips to the doc's all week....

Hi everyone :)

Mom was at home this morning with grandma. They had fun together going over things, talking, and making sandwiches. Yes, mom wanted to make her own sandwich! Super! Grandma was hard at work ironing some clothes and doing laundry, thank you for helping out so much gigi because you need to take care of yourself as well! :) Dad got a call that the doctor could see them earlier today instead of later this week, so they headed out to Tulsa again to see the doctor. They will be going back and forth all week to Tulsa for doctor's appointments and scheduling for oncology and radiation, said she wasn't having as much trouble with eating/drinking...yea!!!

Check out this video from's so inspiring and gives cancer patients, especially mom with her brain tumor...HOPE :)
Have a great night! Love, the Forrester's

Monday, March 2, 2009

Doctor's appt.

Hi everyone,

Well mom had a 1/2 day at home in Stigler. Dad went on to work this morning and Stephanie Quick came out to be with mom because my grandma (gigi) couldn't due to other doctor's appointments for her and Virgil (gramps). Thank you to Stephanie Quick for coming out to be with mom this morning. It sounded like you two girls had a lot of fun! :) Mom enjoyed you "fixing" her up today with her hair, makeup, and lotions. Thanks for cooking soup for them too, that was so sweet of you!

Dad came home around noon and they headed off to Tulsa for mom's doctor's appt. at 3:30....they did not even get seen until 5:00 though. They made plans to get her in to her oncologist on Wednesday and then they'll decide on the dates/times of her radiation treatment. She's having pain in her left leg, so pray that it's not another blood clot and that will be looked at more on Wednesday. They finished up at the doctor and got a's still having trouble eating/drinking so she has to have shakes, soft food, etc... They went on home to Stigler b/c it was already getting later by the time they were out of the doctor's appt. and we didn't want to get mom around Claire because she came home this evening with a fever of 102 degrees. It has gone down this evening, but Missy (Breck's mom) will be watching her tomorrow. Grandma will be going out to be with mom tomorrow.
Have a great night! love and prayers to all, The Forrester's
Heal me , O' Lord, and I shall be healed; save me and I will be saved; for thou art my praise. -Jeremiah 17:14

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back to St. John's???!!

Hi everyone,
This morning when we all got up, dad and mom were both dressed and ready to go to Tulsa???!! We helped finish packing them a small bag and they left quickly this a.m. We all made sure the things around the house were finished/cleaned up and then we left shortly behind them.

Mom has been having pain after she tries to swallow during drinking and eating, so dad brought her up to St. John's today to the ER. She had to be here anyway tomorrow (Monday) to see Dr. Woosley about a check-up and talking about her treatment/radiation plan, dad thought it was best to just bring her up today to get that pain seen about. She's lost 9 lbs. since they've been home. Please pray that she has some ease and comfort during eating/drinking and that they can figure out the problem and find the source. We'll update later this evening.....thank you for your support! Love, The Forrester's
UPDATE @ 6:45 p.m.---mom was released this afternoon from the ER to go back to Stigler. The ER doctor said that it probably is because of all the medicine's she's on right now. She's taking around 18 different they are all probably affecting one another to cause inflamation and irritation in her stomach/throat area. They hope it will calm down, once she is able to stop some of her current meds. For now, she is only able to drink protein drinks/shakes and be on a bland diet (soups, etc...). Tomorrow she has a doctor's appt. here in Tulsa again with Dr. Woosley her neuro. Have a great night! We're thankful that is wasn't a major thing.

**please keep my friend Beth's dad, Dale, in your prayers....he's having some struggles still, but is fighting his cancer and infections!!! Here's his blog again, if you all want to follow their family: