Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MRI update-improvement!!!

Hi all!

Better news!! We found out from Dr. Woosley (mom's neuro here in Tulsa) that he thought the 2nd tumor had become "less bright" and had shrunk just a little bit, praise the Lord!! We are still waiting to hear from her chemo doctor, Dr. Trotman, tomorrow (Wed the 9th) to see what to do next. Also, we are waiting on the doctors at MD Anderson to let us know their opinion....

Thanks for all the love & prayers! Love, the Forrester's


  1. We'll take all the improvement we can get!!!Praise God for every piece of good news! We will continue praying and expecting good news!

  2. I saw on facebook this morning, Prayers for Doreen, so I called my niece that lives down in that area to see what is going on. She told me that Doreen had to go to the hospital with some problems. Please tell her that she is constantly on my mind and in my prayers, and please continue to keep us updated.

    Sheryl Cox Carver