Friday, March 26, 2010

MRI Monday March 29

Hi everyone,

Please pray for mom's upcoming MRI. It is scheduled on March 29th around 1:00 p.m.

We have enjoyed visiting mom and others have as well. Thank you all for the sweet cards, calls, visits and prayers. Mom doesn't say much anymore but she smiles and speaks many words through her sweet eyes. She has lost feeling/movement in her right side, but that left side is very strong and she can still squeeze a hand :) Dad and GiGi (grandma) have been amazing and so strong during this time. Daily, they are devoted and care for mom. Our families strong christian faith is what continues to keep us moving forward. We also love and appreciate, Anna, our helper that comes out to be with mom and take care of the house on Tuesday's.

We have had enjoyable weekends with her....we make a lot of yummy meals and Claire and Lyla love seeing their Mimi and Poppy. We usually get to see all the aunts and uncles and great grandparents too! Since I've (Brooke) have been on maternity leave w/ Lyla...Claire and I and little Lyla get to come down more often during the week or for an earlier weekend. It's been wonderful to be here with mom and dad. She'll still give us a laugh or two every now and then :)

Claire loves fishing and riding the four wheeler w/ Poppy! This weekend she enjoyed making "arts and crafts" with some of mom's old school items. So cute...she made mom a card and beaded things for her.

Mom has had lots of visits....especially from her school buddies. Thanks girls for making her Tuesday's special!

Continue your thoughts and prayers for mom....we are thankful for friends and family like you all. Everyone has been so supportive and kind throughout this trial. We love you all! The Forrester Family/Kasbaum/Mottern's


  1. We are still praying and believing for Doreen. We keep you in our prayers daily and pray for you to be able to make many more memories. We appreciate you keeping us updated. May God bless you abundantly.

  2. lots of love and prayers for you all!

  3. I think about and pray for ya'll often. Brooke, your new baby girl is gorgeous! Congrats!!

  4. I'm Andrea's Mom. I will pray for you all.

  5. Hi its me Molly Isaac i was in your first grade class in 2005-2006 .I will pray and hope for you to get better. I wish i could visit you. Your friend,
    Molly Isaac

  6. Hello there, I am Molly Isaac's mom and I just wanted to tell you girls thank you. Thank you for keeping this site updated. Thank you for sharing your mom with so many for so long. Molly and I moved to Oklahoma in May of 2005 and Molly was brand new to Stigler Elementary in August of that year. Her dad and I had just divorced, we had moved 1,500 miles from the only home we had ever known, and to top it all off, we had bought a 100 yr. old school house out by Tamaha that needed to be completely remodeled. My daughter had been devasted by my divorce, as was I. It had come from nowhere and our family was ripped apart. The first day of 1st grade, Molly was so excited to hear that she would be in the class with the pink door! "Isnt that perfect" I remember telling my scared little girl "pink is your favorite color". Then we met your momma. She was JUST what we needed. I say "we" because Molly needed a great teacher as much as I needed her to HAVE a great teacher. Your momma was MY baby's angel. I truly believe that. She loved Molly as much as Molly loved her and I could never say how much that meant to us. I can say the totally inadequate words of thank you and it would not even scratch the surface. Well, you know your mom...I dont have to tell you how wonderful she was. You and your families are all in mine and Molly's prayers. Tell her we love her please.
    Kimberli Isaac

  7. Hello to the Forrester families, I am Phyllis Sands and Doreen was a teacher for both Kaelie and Ashley. I was in the women's class with Doreen for a couple of years at Main Street Baptist. Doreen was always so kind with such a gentle heart. She will be missed tremendously by the whole community. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer February 13, 2009 and we are still valiantly fighting the battle. Doreen was a true believer and a fighter she loved her family, God and life. Doreen is at home now without pain please let her memories and her love carry you through the difficult times that you are now facing.